Playfully awaken your authentic creative expression and experience whole embodied pleasure

Hello I'm RAYNEFYRE grayce

[ rān fīʹər | grās ] they/them ⚧

I am a queer-hearted transformation artist, visionary, graphic designer, erotic bodywork practitioner and embodiment facilitator. I spend my time playfully queering the intersections between embodied sexual pleasure, gender expression and heart centred spirituality.

My current offerings are built on exploring your authentic pleasure and personal ecstatic connection through intention, breath, movement, touch and play. Let’s share tools for cultivating self-love, compassionate inquiry, authentic emotional relating and queer erotic embodiment.

Book a discovery call to learn more about my client driven, erotic whole-body awakening massage, self-love coaching, ecstatic breathwork and communal erotic ritual.

More about Raynefyre

Raynefyre sitting in a carved wooden throne with spring blossoms

Raynefyre is an exceptional communicator and is adept at creating safe space to experience deep pleasure, profound healing and expanded awareness. Since my session I have felt supercharged and full of buoyant, vibrant energy.

JQ | Vancouver, BC

Explore Queer embodied awakening: Integrating breath, movement, touch & erotic play

I offer, trauma informed, erotic body awakening massage with a focus on curious, whole body exploration and expanding sexual pleasure. I work with queer hearted women, trans and gender non-conforming folks beyond the binary who are interested in surrendering to the magic of asking to receive. I also offer guided ecstatic breath journeys for individuals, couples, triads and groups.

I like to play. I desire to share my access to all kinds of fun toys and equipment. Is there a fantasy you’ve been hiding in secret? Perhaps you’re ready to experience a new sensation? Let’s co-create and adventure together.


How would you like to be touched?Experience the exact quality and duration of touch you desire. I offer sensual massage, scar care and whole body awakening erotic trance bodywork.


This is an introductory offering for anyone who is curious about exploring guided breathwork. In this one hour journey, your will be shown basic breathwork techniques that will support navigating nervous system regulation and offer cathartic energizing...

Embodiment Coaching

Curious about embodiment and how you can have more of it in your life? I offer queer hearted coaching for folks who are seeking direction and tips on improving creative flow, expanded pleasure, shake limiting patterns, embrace shadow, self love and coming out.

I have noticed more calm and clarity in my body since the Ecstatic Breath workshop with Raynefyre. The breath medicine that they gave me is turning out to be a wonderful tool for navigating my busy life.

Upcoming Events

Curious about ecstatic breathwork or erotic bodywork?

Book a complimentary call to discover how I can support your journey towards authentic sexual expression and erotic embodiment. Together we will co-create the ideal sessions to reach your deepest desires.

Sacred HEARTistry

A visual mindfulness meditation. I use a basic compass and ruler for my handpainted mandalas. Each original painting is created with an intention, mantra, affirmation, metallic acrylic pigments and round wooden panels.  

I enjoy recreating patterns depicted by ancient cultures around the globe – sharing resonance; subconscious comfort of patterns found throughout the universe.

Discover which paintings are available for sale and contact me to commission a personalized piece.

Luminescent Truth

My recent piece is about opening the gates and fully stepping into using my voice as a tool for compassion and change. Encouraging shared insight through my lived experience. Opening the throat centre to share what’s true for me. It’s a reminder that, what I say matters.

Digital Design

Get high quality marketing visuals that inspire your perfect client and calls to your ideal market.

Raynefyre has over a decade of expereince creating digital imagery for small and medium business start-ups. Currently, they build new interactive, responsive websites for service providers, shop owners and conscious creators. They also enjoy envisioning branding packages for social venture projects and transformative events.

Their latest offering is a basic web presence including landing page and digital business card.

Rainbow Triskelion

Identity Design

Who are you and what are you offering?

Let’s design a custom logo and name that captures you and your unique offering.

Basic Web Presence

Everyone with a business or creative side hustle needs web presence these days. Traditional business cards have their place, but a short disposable lifespan.

Pro Service Website

This is a blurb to describe what this package is. Get a website up to 5 pages


Are you part of Generation X? Boomer? How is your computer literacy? Are you part of the Apple Cult? Would you like to learn the basics of email, web, social media and most application support?

Online Storefront

Have products to sell? Access the global market with an online store.