My Name is Raynefyre:

I am a Vancouver Island based queer-hearted tantric practitioner. My heart’s path is to provide safe spaces to facilitate breath and body work sessions that encourage ecstasy and help to transform emotional and sexual blockages and trauma. Lighting the way for you to unlock your own hearts path, tapping into your inner voice, your unique creative expression and divine sexual empowerment. More…

“Healing is every breath.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Tap Into Your Unique Gift: Creative Expression

Feeling deeper in connection to my authentic self, I now offer a sweet mix of services including private breath and body work sessions as well as playshops for groups of sex positive, consenting adults and creative queer identified youth empowerment.
Erotic EmbodyWork

Erotic EmbodyWork

Private sessions with Raynefyre are unique journeys led intuitively and designed to transform physical tension, pain, emotional suppression, body shame, fear of judgement all in preparation for authentic awakening, freedom of sexual expression, pleasure and heightened ecstatic experience.

Orgasmic Breath Journey

Orgasmic Breath Journey

Connect with your creative consciousness and discover a new path to sexual empowerment, radical self love and ecstasy. This practice is for anyone who is curious to discover ways to transform negative self talk, old beliefs, and thinking patterns; those who want to stimulate and awaken sexual/creative energy, orgasmic delight and higher states of consciousness; and for those who want to connect deeper and more authentically to parts of the self, source and others.

Sacred Heartistry

Sacred Heartistry

If LOVE could speak in lines with colours and shine, what would we see?

Recreating patterns depicted by ancient cultures around the globe - sharing resonance; subconscious comfort of patterns found throughout the universe.

These patterns stripped back to their foundational lines provide a framework of complex simplicity; revealing hidden aspects of the self.

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Will Travel

Currently living in Vancouver, Canada. Offering private EmBodyWork sessions and Breath Journey's for individuals, couples, small and large groups on Vancouver Island - British Columbia, Alberta, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Spain, New Mexico, Colorado & open to travel.