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You are invited to playfully awaken your authentic creative expression & queer erotic embodied intimacy through somatic expereince ♥

Raynefyre sitting in a carved wooden throne with spring blossoms

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Raynefyre Grayce [ rānfīʹər | grās ] they/she/he ⚧

Greetings erotic explorer! I am a queer artist, transformation guide, erotic bodywork practitioner, embodiment facilitator, and web-weaving digital design and developer. In deep appreciation of discovering the gifts of relational healing, I enjoy playfully queering the intersections between embodied erotic pleasure, authentic expression and heart-fuelled spirituality.

My current offerings are built on exploring your authentic emergent desires and personal access to ecstatic connection through rituals co-created on the foundations of intentional breath, movement, touch and play. Together, we will share tools for cultivating self-love, compassionate inquiry, authentic emotional relating and queer erotic embodiment.

Raynefyre is an exceptional communicator and is adept at creating safe space to experience deep pleasure, profound healing and expanded awareness. Since my session I have felt supercharged and full of buoyant, vibrant energy.

JQ | Vancouver, BC

Explore Queer Erotic Embodied Awakening: Integrating breath, movement, touch & play

Queer is my way of being. Touch is my love language. Breath connects us. My gift to my communities is rooted in the alchemy of all three.

Image | Zukaro Media

As a certified somatic sex educator and practicing sexological bodyworker, I offer, trauma informed, erotic embodiment through breath, touch, movement and play.

My invitation is in service to rainbow warriors, queer women, trans and gender creative folks beyond the binary who are interested in surrendering to the magic of learning to receive embodied activations, empowerment and spiritual tools for growth.

Explore my embodiment offerings and choose your own adventure for owning, empowering and expanding your badass colourful self.

Embodiment Coaching

Erotic BodyWork

Ecstatic BreathWork

I have noticed more calm and clarity in my body since the Ecstatic Breath workshop with Raynefyre. The breath medicine that they gave me is turning out to be a wonderful tool for navigating my busy life.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time. Contact Raynefyre to inquire about booking guided ecstatic breathwork and other event collaborations.

Feeling curious about queer erotic embodiment?

Book a complimentary call to discover how I can support your journey towards authentic self expression and erotic embodiment. Together we will co-create the ideal session(s) to allow your deepest desires to unfold.

Sacred HEARTistry

A visual mindfulness meditation. I use a basic compass and ruler for my handpainted mandalas. Each original painting is created with an intention, mantra, affirmation, metallic acrylic pigments and round wooden panels.  

I enjoy recreating patterns depicted by ancient cultures around the globe – sharing resonance; subconscious comfort of patterns found throughout the universe.

Discover which paintings are available for sale and contact me to commission a personalized piece.