I am a queer artist, transformation guide, erotic bodywork practitioner, embodiment facilitator, and web-weaving digital design and developer. In deep appreciation of discovering the gifts of relational healing, I enjoy playfully queering the intersections between embodied erotic pleasure, authentic expression and heart-fuelled spirituality.

My current offerings are built on exploring your authentic emergent desires and personal access to ecstatic connection through rituals co-created on the foundations of intentional breath, movement, touch and play. Together, we will share tools for cultivating self-love, compassionate inquiry, authentic emotional relating and queer erotic embodiment.


Spiralling towards wholeness & connection

A fourth-generation-x Canadian, I took my first breath on the traditional Moh-kíns-tsis lands of the Blackfoot and Siksiká speaking people cradled between the Rocky Mountains and vast plains on Turtle Island. From what I know, my settler heritage is a vibrant blend of Irish, Scottish, English, Spanish, and Italian Jewish ancestry.

As a trans-masculine human navigating a new millennia, I unplugged from the consumerist rat race in 2015 on a mission to find my voice, develop inner trust and break free from the constraints of the dominant culture. One that continues to harm by enforcing a gender binary while promoting stereotypical beauty myths and perfection within a greedy consumerist cult. My spiritual journey continues to lead me toward wholeness and collective relational repair, departing from the curtural confines of hyper-individualization.

For over fifteen years, I’ve been an openly queer solopreneur and digital design nomad, seeking human connection and embodiment on the other side of screen-time isolation. In the fall of 2023, I received certifications in Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sex Education. NOW I harness the transformative alchemy of connected breath, intentional movement, and embodied erotic touch.

Recognizing a cultural deficit in embodied spiritual connection, repressed authentic sexuality, and a disconnect to erotic needs. I approach each client as relation, extending compassion, seeking attunement while embracing the shadows of fear, guilt, and shame.

My practice is in service to queer women, trans humans, fluid folk, and those who creatively define their genders. Through whole-body-awakening massage, I help individuals uncover their unspoken desires, needs, and wants, guiding them toward personal pleasure.

Currently, I am grateful to flow and co-create across the liminal landscapes of unceded Coast Salish territories in Vancouver, Lekwungen-speaking Peoples in Victoria, Kanien’keha:ka lands in Montréal, and the vibrant collective movements circling Stockholm, Sweden.

Finally, I’m excited to introduce my latest heartgasm ~ QUEEROS ~ to you. It’s a seven-day erotic embodiment retreat and play lab for queer and trans edge walkers, pleasure activists and creative professionals. Stay connected as new dates will be released in 2024.


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community care

Since my mission awakening at the Urban Tantra Professional Training in 2017, I’ve become a guardian of queerly curated erotic temple spaces. From the forests of the Borderland to the high deserts of Outland, and the rhythms of Solstice and lunar rituals to the celebrations of PRIDE, I’m known for infusing counter-normative communities with the life force of love and queer affirmation.

I firmly believe that relational wounds are best healed together and am steadfastly committed to co-creating safe-enough, queer centred erotic spaces where individuals can be witnessed wholeheartedly, held spaciously and consensually. My unwavering faith in the transformative power of presence, loving kindness, laughter, joy, and play infuses my work with a grounded sense of connection to Mother Earth, the infinite skies, the sun, the moon and the wisdom of cycles that bring us together. 

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