Queer Erotic Embodied Intimacy

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May I inspire your emerging desires?

What flavour of touch does your heart and soul long for?

May we build a bridge of trust so you can honour and grieve the stories that get between you and your fully empowered erotic expression?

Through playful reverence and touch-based sessions, I guide queer and trans folks toward accessing and embodying their own language for being, receiving pleasure and exploring intimacy. Let’s co-create a personal ritual that supports your journey of (re)connection to radical self love, erotic embodiment, creative energy flow and personal transformation.

Currently I offer erotic embodiment both online and at my studio located in Montreal, Canada.

Embodiment Coaching

Erotic BodyWork

Ecstatic BreathWork

I was fortunate to receive support from Raynefyre in the form of ecstatic massage/body work while I was going through harsh side effects from cancer treatments. It was a point in my life where I felt I had been disconnected from myself for months, and could not find the will or energy to work at getting back (or moving forward). What this support did for me is hard to describe in words, which makes sense because it was a somatic experience and not about mental understanding.

Anonymous | Victoria, Canada

Queer Embodiment Coaching

Available ONLINE

Queer Embodiment Coaching

Empowering LGBTQ2SI+ Wholeness

Meet me online from anywhere in the world. Book a 60 minute sessions where I provide non-judgemental space for you to explore somatic inquiry and learn to access new tool sets for personal empowerment, pleasure expansion and relational attunement.

Sessions are $150 for working professionals. Freelance artists, students, and folks with limited income may ask for a pay what you can pricing starting at $50/hour.

Masturbation & Solo Pleasure

I provide a playful yet professional approach to exploring your desires. Together, we’ll navigate the colorful landscape of queer identity and sexuality, uncovering personalized techniques and tools to enhance your solo pleasure experiences. With compassionate guidance, we celebrate your authentic self, reclaiming your right to pleasure and joy.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Together, we’ll dive into the world of mindfulness practices, celebrating your uniqueness every step of the way. With my gentle guidance, we’ll learn to dance with the present moment, build up your resilience, and sprinkle some extra self-compassion into your life. Through playful and personalized techniques, we’ll uncover your inner peace and supercharge your empowerment. Let’s kick stress to the curb and get cozy with your true self. Ready to play? Let’s dive in!

Movement for Self Regulation

Get ready to shimmy, shake, and stretch as we explore movement practices designed to help you tune into your body’s wisdom. With my supportive guidance, we’ll dance through techniques to regulate your emotions and find your center. Whether it’s gentle yoga flows or energizing ecstatic dance breaks, we’ll uncover the power of movement to boost your well-being. Let’s kick stress to the curb and groove our way to balance and harmony. Are you ready to dance with your emotions? Let’s move!

Erotic Awakening BodyWork 

Erotic Awakening Massage

I provide a playful yet professional approach to exploring your pleasure and desires. Together, we’ll navigate the colourful landscape of queer identity and sexuality, uncovering personalized techniques and tools to enhance your solo pleasure experiences. This session can include whole body touch, conscious breath where sound and movement is welcome. With compassionate guidance, let’s celebrate your authentic self, reclaiming your right to pleasure and joy. 

90 minutes – $250 | 180 minutes – $400

Ask about package pricing.

Sensual Desires

Dive into the delicious world of your sensual desires, where pleasure knows no bounds and fantasies come to life in a symphony of sensations.

From the soft flutter of feathers to the tantalizing tease of claws, our skilled practitioners will guide you through a playful exploration of touch. Feel the contrasting delights of gentle caresses and thrilling strokes with floggers, as hot and cold sensations send shivers down your spine. Surrender to the playful dance of sensation as boundaries blur and desires ignite. Let us awaken every inch of your being to the tantalizing pleasures that await in this sensual playground of ecstasy.

90 minutes – $250 | 120 minutes – $300

Ask about package pricing.

Erotic Massage for Queer Couples

Have you ever had a four handed massage? Each session is crafted to each partners desire to receive. Taking turns giving and receiving, let me guide you how to give your partner the exact touch they desire. I will share my techniques and tools for ecstatic bliss.

180 minute sessions (two massages) $500

Ask about package rates.

Be touched deeply

Erotic Touch and Play

Join me at my cozy studio in Montreal, where I provide non-judgemental space for you to explore touch to your liking and play to your desires. I offer 90, 120 and 180 minute sessions. Book a curiosity call to see if we are a good fit.

I am very grateful to have received an erotic massage from you. Your loving presence made me feel safe and I felt you normalize my sexuality for me. I very much enjoyed the massage and could feel soft yet powerful energy flowing out of your hands and into my body.

JB | Vancouver, Canada

Ecstatic BreathWork & Psychedellic Ceremony

Get high on your own supply

Altered States of Desire

Breathwork and Psychedellics

Allow me to guide you deep into your energetic body through ecstatic breathwork practices. Let’s co-create a personal ritual that tends to your limiting beliefs, your emotional body, your blocks and bariers. We will cut through fear, guilt and shame with a selection of tools. Let’s aim for cathartic release and orgasmic states of clearing.

I invite individuals, couples, thruples, and groups to explore a variety of guided breathwork techniques and integration practices to get the most from our journey together. Whether you are completely new, or looking for a deep dive, I have something for you.

Intro to Breathwork

Dive into a transformative journey with breathwork, an interactive practice that lets you dance with the rhythm of your own breath. With each intentional breath, you’re dropping elements of stress and inviting vitality and more space. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, clarity, emotional release, or more access to your energy body and inner pharmacy, I’ve got some tools to share with you.

90 minute private online session – $69

90 minute groups of 8 or less – $250

7 Dimension Breath Journey

This immersive experience combines the power of conscious breathing, movement, and sound to unlock profound states of ecstasy and connection. As you surrender to the rhythm of your breath, you’ll tap into the hidden realms of your sensuality, unearthing a wealth of erotic benefits that can revolutionize your relationship with pleasure.

During an Ecstatic Breathwork journey, the breath becomes a portal to heightened sensations and expanded consciousness. As you delve into the depths of your being, you’ll release stagnant energy, inhibitions, and societal conditioning that may have limited your experience of pleasure. The deliberate, connected breathing patterns employed in this practice stimulate the body’s vital life force, revitalizing your senses and awakening dormant erotic energies.

For experienced breathwork explorers and folks that have previously attended Intro to Breathwork or or another Ecstatic Breath journey with Raynefyre.

90 minute private deep dive – $200

Groups of 8 or less – $500

For larger groups, festivals, conferences and retreats, book a discovery call.

Psychedelic Ceremony

Choose your own adventure. Bring your own substance and clear intention and I will provide the set and setting for you to dive deep into your psyche and integrate your findings. 

Currently I offer my time on a pay what you can basis for LGBTQ2SI+ individuals, couples and polycules.