Join me for Queeros Embodied Unity, where the celebration of the body through care and self-love unfolds as an exquisite dance of exploration. Here, amidst the digital realm, I invite you to delve into the depths of your sensual desires, embracing the full spectrum of your erotic being.

With each breath, each movement, and each playful gesture, we will navigate personal erotic potential and creative expression, basking in the beauty of being witnessed by fellow explorers. Together, we amplify our experiences, connecting through the senses to ignite the fires of passion within.

In this sacred space, self-pleasure transcends the individual, becoming a symphony of unity, where the boundaries between self and other blur into oblivion. Here, we co-create, each participant a brushstroke in the masterpiece of collective eros.

So, I extend to you this invitation: Choose your own adventure, following the whispers of desire and pleasure as they lead you through the labyrinth of self-care. Embrace the sensuality of self-touch, the freedom of movement, the playful exploration with toys and tools, and the symphony of sounds and textures that tantalize the senses.

Cameras on, clothing optional, sound on. Bring your intention, your breath, your attention, and immerse yourself in the alchemy of life force and vitality. Together, let us cultivate an oasis of erotic wholeness, where every moment is an offering to the divine within.

We will dance into a sharing circle. Introduce ourselves and share our personal intentions for the practice. We will explore collective agreements before diving into our personal exploration of embodied care and desires. We will close the practice with a round of sharing and an offering of appreciation.

Register to share your enthusiasm and stoke the fire. 

QUEEROS Embodied Unity