Join me for an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, sensation, and transcendence through the shared practice of Ecstatic Breathwork. This immersive experience combines the elements of conscious breathing, movement, and sound to unlock profound states of ecstasy and connection. As you surrender to the rhythm of your breath, you’ll tap into the hidden realms of your sensuality, unearthing a wealth of erotic benefits that can revolutionize your relationship with pleasure.

During an Ecstatic Breathwork journey, the breath becomes a portal to heightened sensations and expanded consciousness. As you delve into the depths of your being, you’ll release stagnant energy, inhibitions, and societal conditioning that may have limited your experience of pleasure. The connected breathing patterns and holds in this practice stimulate the body’s vital life force, revitalizing your senses and awakening dormant erotic energies.

One of the key benefits of Ecstatic Breathwork lies in its capacity to dissolve barriers and invite a profound connection to your own sensuality. As you breathe deeply, you’ll become attuned to the subtle nuances of your body, unlocking a greater awareness of your desires and pleasure pathways. This heightened sensitivity can enhance your ability to experience pleasure, expand your orgasmic potential, and deepen your connection with both yourself and your relations.

Ecstatic Breathwork can be a catalyst for personal growth, self-acceptance, and profound transformation.


We will begin with a welcome circle, share what brought us together, some basic instruction and a demonstration.

We will set up our own personal travel pod/nest.

With a curated soundtrack of evocative music playing in the background, we will breathe together building our collective energy. You will be guided and encouraged to give yourself the freedom to move and make sounds creating space for a deeper surrender. We will breathe together for some time, playing with continuous flow and breath holds. Participants are encouraged to find and play in the flow of our own breath, exploring the infinite possibilities for ecstasy.

We will close with a short optional share.

How to Prepare

• Do hydrate and have a light snack but not a full belly before the session.

• Please arrive intoxicant free.

• Notify me of any health concerns.

• Wear comfy clothing, bring a yoga mat/mattress, water bottle, eye mask, earphones, and a blanket.

• Most importantly, come with a curious and open mind and heart!

• As an active participant you are accountable for your actions and experience. You are invited to explore that which you are ready for.

• Please respect the privacy of all of the participants. What that happens in the circle stays in the circle.

• Be gentle with yourself before and after the session as its effects can last hours, a few days, at times even weeks.

You will recieve a zoom link once you complete the registration form and send payment to

Ecstatic Breathwork Ritual