HELLO! I am a Vancouver Island based queer-hearted tantric practitioner, spirit animal and visual artist. In 2017, I graduated from the Urban Tantra Professional Training Program in Sweden. Since then, I have spent the summers traveling around, co-creating breath workshops throughout Sweden, Denmark, Germany and now in at home in BC. My heart’s path is to provide safe spaces to facilitate breath journeys and body work sessions that help to transform emotional and sexual blockages and trauma. Lighting the way for you to unlock your own hearts path by tapping into your inner voice, your unique creative expression and divine sexual empowerment. Together we will unpack shame, guilt, fear along with suppressed parts of the self with a focus on radical self love, gender identity, sexual expression and connection.

“Healing is every breath.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Many times I catch myself holding my breath. Especially when I am deeply concentrating or getting lost in something external. I spend a good chunk of time everyday in front of a screen managing websites, social media pages and reading blog posts. I’ve noticed it takes discipline and awareness to keep my posture upright as I find myself crouching, hunching and sometimes even holding my breath! How many of us do that? How many of you reading this right now are breathing shallow? I invite you to stop and take a few deep breaths…

I have been a practitioner of meditation, yoga, tantra and shamanic breath work for a decade now. I understand the benefits of connecting the breath with our body movements along with focussed intention. The breath is essential to getting oxygen and energy into our systems. It lubricates our movements and helps us to labour blockages, trapped energy, body pain and tension by loosening stuck emotional buildup. Imagine that every inhale brings in new life force energy while our exhale purges the old used up energies that we no longer need.

Raynefyre Grace 2018 Image by Carl Rehbinder 

The tantra I practice combines a variety of teachings that I have studied and practiced over the years. It includes the whole body, mind and aura. A very big part of tantra is connection to ourselves and others through intimacy, breath and touch. It opens up dialogue and awareness to our sexuality, gender identities, creative expression and compassion for our bodies. It teaches us how to honour and love ourselves in all of our uniqueness. Practicing tantra has allowed me to get to know myself deeper; what turns me on; what helps me surrender; what feels good; what doesn’t. It’s helped me find my voice so I can navigate and negotiate with courage. Tantra has helped me discover my boundaries. My practice has shown me what my needs are while helping me drop shame, old habits, fear and guilt for asking and receiving. The greatest gift for me has been the connections to a tribe of pleasure driven, sex positive self love advocates who dare to show their true colours.

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