Connecting the breath with intention and attention to sensations arising in the body, can bring us out of our busy minds into our bodies. Raynefyre guides attention and flow with their hands using desired touch while asking: How does your body like to be touched? What would it feel like to nourish your body with the sensations it craves? Where can we explore today? How can we honour this experience together? Private sessions with Raynefyre are unique journeys led intuitively and designed to transform physical tension, pain, emotional suppression, body shame, fear of judgement all in preparation for authentic awakening, freedom of sexual expression and heightened pleasure.

Creating safer spaces to journey into the depths of desire is a sacred act and I believe necessary for healing our culture’s sexual traumas and wounds. Experiencing sex and body positive environments are life affirming healing and expansive. Open spaces that show us that we all have bodies that contain unique stories and like musical instruments, we like to be played. We like to move and make sounds. Some of us have been told it’s not ok to make certain sounds or move in certain ways. Ways that might feel good. Maybe we were told that our emotions and shared experiences are not welcome. Others are told that parts of their bodies are dirty, ugly and shameful. Pause, take a couple breaths… Let me hold you while you unpack the stories buried in your body, the ones that hold you back from being your full authentic beautiful self. Together, let’s celebrate our unique desires for sensation, pleasure, intimacy and connection.

Erotic EmBodyWork Sessions – starting at $120

Sensation, Bondage and Edge Play – starting at $120